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Almost like each alliance has its own ranking server See what im saying? Theres no real use for medals other than for matchmaking, which isnt working as well now and only gets worse until the point where you are facing opponents who are beyond your level, forcing your medal progression to decrease or stop anyway!

Get rid of the medals or simply change it to find players of average xp range not HQ level. Keep the medals if you want but just dont have the matching system use it. Player XP would guarantee much more fair matches for long-term.


Its the most logical choice, Zynga. April edited April Jason J Lessmann wrote: Chiprtom Not a Title, but a Star Posts: May edited May We provide an interface where your staff members can focus on the leads assigned to them and nurture them through the initial contact process all the way to signing them up for your matchmaking service.

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LeConnex provides a complete e-marketing suit allowing you to send mass emails to bulk recipients in your database with just a few clicks. Reach out to large number of potential clients and resources or sub-segments of them quickly and easily. Customize your profile to match the needs of your clients and your matchmakers.

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Create questions, and responses that best facilitate your staff in matching. Create questions for your client profile, as well as questions for internal use and record keeping. Reporting can be for a single office or across an entire muti-office operation. Perfect for new matchmakers , our Starter Package gives you access to all the tools and functions of the LeConnex system, including forms, customized profile, multi-lingual support and marketing tools.

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Integrate with your existing website seamlessly and utilize all of the marketing and sales features available within the LeConnex system. You choose 2 of these roles and game finds you a party full of people who chose their role. Choosing support or tank will find you party sooner cause i guess they are the least played classes, but next game if you chose tank or support you are guaranteed to play your 1st choice of role.

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Why not do it like this? Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. That's actually a fine option to the game, hope that they'll make it possible: Its sad but i will never see my Name in Ranked but its ok because its a free2play game.

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Anyway, what it will change? Easier to find party for tanks and healers? No such problem in Paladins. Real matchmaking issues- silver vs grandmasters and huge tp drops if your team afk.

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I'll stick to casual, good for mental health: It doesn't work like that for Paladins. It will just encourage meta composition while Hi-Rez has said over and over again that they will not enforce meta. That is why they don't care if you are having full damage or flanks. Plus it will just encourage people using one or two champions that they comfortable with, and people will just insta-pick new champs.