Louie and pamela dating

With the ongoing romantic tension between them, people have noticed the something is brewing between them in real life too. On their show Louie, the two actors portray a version of themselves who meet each other on a playground while their children have play dates together.

And now it seems that the on-screen romance has spilled over into their real life as well. Pamela Adlon is also a divorcee like C.

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K, so there is quite a good chance that the alleged couple might really be hooking up off-screen. Adlon and her husband of 14 years, Felix O Adlon divorced in They have three children together. Both Louis and Pamela were also seen wearing similar outfits back in March. They wore matching outfits, boots, jeans, shades and identical overcoats.


Pamela Adlon of Better Things on life, love and Louis C.K - NZ Herald

Adlon was seen keeping her hands in her pockets to keep them warm whereas C. K aged 47 slipped his arm in her arm now and then while strolling. The Emmy nominated actress was seen in a jolly mood while walking alongside her reported boyfriend. After the news of their reported hook up surfaced on media, many of their fans have dubbed the beautiful actress lucky. The devoted fans of the celebs, expressed their full support for the new couple.

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But I always know it's worth it. Anything that makes us really uncomfortable, if we move into it, it always pays off. Then it becomes ok because it becomes something that's important or true or deeply, darkly funny. Which is what I love.

Adlon's been working with C. K for over a decade now. She wrote episodes of and starred in his show Louie , which is tonally similar to Better Things , and it seems he is now returning the favour, by writing and directing episodes for her. He was also the one who pitched her to FX, the network funding the show, when they were looking for a series with "a woman's voice". That's gonna be impossible," she says. Being a mum in the way that I am it was a unique sort of boot camp for me to get into that mindset.

I think it's really good that you said that because I feel like when your kids grow you have to remove the conventions of your life and the way you were brought up," she says. You can't be so rigid that you can't change.

Has Louis CK managed to bag his co-star Pamela Adlon in real-life?

When your kids get older you have to change. If you're not pliable you'll break and fall apart. This happens regularly throughout the first season as Sam tries to keep her parental connection with her children without driving herself crazy in the process. It walks the line between highly comical and slightly depressing. Better Things, her new sitcom co-created with Louis C. Available to stream on Lightbox now. Sign into your NZ Herald. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

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